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State Of The Art Wireless Electronic Bird Deterrent Systems

The Mk IV is not a ‘scare’ system relying on loud noises. But instead creates a "No Fly" zone of rotational, surround sound at normal db’s making it uncomfortable for the birds to remain in the area.

Wireless Bird Wailer - the wireless bird deterrent system is designed for use in areas where cables and remote speakers and cables impracticable. However, two outlets are available for additional (500’) remote speaker coverage if required.

The Super Speakers will project the natural species specific alarm / distress sounds in a circle of sound with a radius of at least 1000 feet. The aggressive electronic sounds can be thrown up to 3000 feet.

Vinyard Model vin yard model 2

The Vineyard Model Mk IV Bird Wailer with four adjustable Super-horn Speakers + 4 internal low frequency speakers is a proven deterrent system for fruit growers worldwide and is ideal to deter pest birds from high bush blueberries, grapes, cherry, apple orchards, corn fields, etc. To increase to area of coverage, 2 outlets are provided to attach cables and up to 4 remote speakers.
The cables can conveniently be run along below the rows of vines.

Agricultural Model (12V): Depending on use, will protect up to 25 acres. Suitable for agriculture, aquaculture, horticulture, viticulture or industrial uses. Up to 8 remote speakers can be added to enlarge or intensify the effect 3 different types of remote speakers are available.

Industrial Model (110V): Designed for industrial use such as electrical substations. Fitted with a high performance transformer the Master Unit has no internal speakers but has 4 waterproof remote speaker outlets that will accommodate up to 12 remote speakers.

Vineyard Model - without Strobe and Stand: Coverage 8 - 10 acres $2,950.00 + Shipping

Low Bush Blueberry Model with Stand

Low Bush Blueberry Model - with Stand: Coverage 30 acres - $3,300.00 + Shipping

Ag Wailer 12V

Agricultural - 12V - $2,125 / Cables / Connectors -.35 / ft

Industrial Model - 110V - $ 2,100.00

Squawker Master Unit / Remote Speakers

The Squawker is the economy version of the Bird Wailer and is ideal for smaller areas. The Squawker utilizes the very latest sound technology, reproducing species specific alarm and distress cries of pest birds coupled with the sounds of predators and hunting sequences. This gives the Squawker an effectiveness which no other system can match. The pre-programmed sounds can be deployed in a random pattern to lessen the chance of habituation to the 'same sound / same speaker' syndrome. It has adjustable volume and time-lapse features, light-sensor automatic day/night modes and powered by a standard 12 volt battery. Please specify bird species to be targeted.

$ 1,300.00 + Shipping

Phoenix Wailer Mk IV / Speaker Specifications

a) Digital Control for the Electronic and Natural Sounds independently.
b) Light Sensor OR 24 Hour Clock ON/OFF Control.
c) 110/220 volt models can be ordered.
d) Can emit different Natural Sounds at Night then Day (E.g. Owls)
e) Power Supply Level Displayed
f) Optional Strobe Light Attachment ( herons, coyote on sheep farms)
g) Sound fidelity: Up to 44 kHz at any volume
h) Program is carried in a Micro SD card, allowing re-programming by email

The unit is equipped with external controls to accurately program the unit to determine:

Duration of sound blast
Interval between blasts
Separate day and night selection


Link to sound library: For a complete list of natural bird deterrent sound options:

Link to manufacturer, Phoenix Agri-Tech:

To receive specific advice or quotation reply with schematic /measurements, photos depicting roosting conditions, target species to:

Worldwide Installations:

Jost Vineyards Ltd, Tomasello Winery NJ, TransAlta Utilities Corporation, Jat Airways, Serbia, Port Authority of Dubrovnik, Croatia ,Colorado Interstate Gas, Broward County Waste Water, EnCana Oil & Gas , Sea World-Shamu Stadium CA, King Fisher Marine Service, Graybar Electric CIIMAR, PORTUGAL, Kiewit Energy, Western Area Power Administration, Cortland County Courthouse, NY, Horizons de México, , Fraaiuitzicht Farm, South Africa

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