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Wireless Bird Wailer - Model Mk IV w/ Strobe Light is a state of the art audio / visual bird deterrent system providing 24 hour protection. The system is self contained - suitable for installation in the field or directly to equipment. Special mounting brackets will accommodate adjustable Super Speakers to allow for wiring inside the nascelle. Similar brackets are available for solar arrays. Two additional outlets are available for 500’+ remote speaker connections if required. The Super Speakers will project the natural species specific alarm / distress sounds in a circle of sound with a radius of at least 1000 feet.

The aggressive electronic sounds can be thrown up to 3000 feet. Migrating birds (passerines etc) typically fly at night to avoid raptors. Our (PM) audio program uses the cries of raptors and owls - sounds that migrants would not expect encounter at night - to create a no-fly zone that night flying song birds would be uncomfortable to fly through. The Strobe Light – visible up to 8 miles – flashes in conjunction with the sound sequences is essential for raptors, vultures and other difficult species. This system was used successfully at Canaport LNG, New Brunswick , Canada Visual Re-enforcement

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Bird Zero USA, International list of natural bird deterrent sound options:

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