Visual Bird Deterrents

Eagel EyeWhile the Bird Wailer should be considered as the core system of any open air bird dispersal program – structural / exclusionary / visual bird control systems at other roosting areas - buildings, ponds, trees etc must be addressed as part of any comprehensive bird control program.

TIMING, PERSISTENCE, ORGANIZATION and DIVERSITY are critical for using these products. Timing is important as birds are more apt to leave a briefly occupied site rather than an established roost. Appoint one person to organize and implement a harassment campaign commencing one hour before sunset and/or dawn using a diverse product mix.

Effecting a dramatic change to the roosting area will often persuade birds to disperse. The obvious tactics include elimination of a food source, shelter and water. Remove nesting materials, thin/trim trees.

A wide array of bird scare products are available. However, no single product stands alone; a combination of deterrents must be used with repeated reinforcement.

Eagel Eye
FIREFLY Bird Flight Diverters / Related Products
Combines Motion, Reflectivity, Light Emissions that affect avian vision
Bird flight diverters for Power Lines, Met Towers, Power Poles, Fencing, Ponds, etc

A. Model FF, Swivel Assembly (Distribution Lines / Sub Stations) - $50.00
B. Model FF-HW, Fixed (Transmission Lines / MET Towers - $45.00
C. Model BM-AG BirdMark, 5" Glow disk/Firefly inset, Dist lines/MET Towers - $34.00
D. Installation Tool for Hotstick (power lines) $ 125.00
E. RaptorWire - 5' diameter splayed wire for transformers etc. $145
F. Model FF-SC - Speciality Clamps, Firefly sways in wind - Call for pricing.
G. Model FF-MT ( Met Towers) $27.00 -$50 ; call for specific model pricing
H. Model FF II, (Power Poles) w/ Swivel Bracket $45.00
I. Model FF II, Croc Clamp, Swivel - General Purpose - $24.00
J. Firefly II, 12" Conduit Bracket ( attach to 1/2" PVC -not included) - $ 35.00
K. Fire Eye, Highly visible 10" disk w/ Firefly day/night color center - Call for pricing
L. FF III, 1.5" x 3", (Fence Diverter/Overhead Wire Grid) $ 1.95
M. Firefly WindTURBINE, Mirrored stainless steel, Holographic /Firefly inserts $ 275
N. Firefly II, Swivel Brackets. Ponds, Aqua-Culture. Flotation device not included.

Eagel EyeEagle Eye - state of the art panoramic optical bird scarer for large areas.

Avian LaserAvian Laser Dissuader / Red Beam - use in low light conditions

Green BeamGreen Beam Laser

Helikite Helikite - helium balloon / kite soars raptor-like to deter airborne birds

Firefly IIFirefly II - Scientifically affects avian vision –day/night

Holographic Holographic / iridescent pattern deters most birds

Rebel StripRepel Strip - 2"x25' - holographic / iridescent film flutters, flashes and crackles

Flash Tape Flash Tape - tension/twist-will flash/rattle in wind

OctopusOctopus - Red / Silver Flash Tape ' tentacles'

Scare EyeScare Eye Balloons

Swivel BracketSwivel Bracket Kit for visual products

Conduit Swivel12" Conduit Swivel for 1/2" PVC

Whip RodsWhip Rods ( 38") - flexible, with swivel arm

Screetch OwlScreech Owl - rotating base, predator/distress sounds

Goose Decoy GOOSE DECOY KIT (2) - deploy decoys on land or water

Solar Powered LED Solar powered LED optical sweep-disrupts geese-land or water

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