Bird Control for Airport and Helipads

Bird Zero Bird Zero

Bird Zero represents the Phoenix Airport Wailer Mk IV, a state of the art audio system for airport runways and helipads. The audio system comprises high fidelity, indigenous species specific alarm / distress calls and cries of predators. Some species have no alarm / distress sound or natural predators e.g. vultures, kites). The Wailer addresses this predicament using a repertoire of 25 very loud electronic sounds (>124 dBs) which can be included in the ever changing, randomized program. The new Mk IV system carries the randomized bird deterrent program on a micro SD card which is specific to each Wailer . However, the program can be added to, or changed (e.g. as new sounds become available) via WAV email from our head office directly to our customers.

Unique Characteristics

  • Program that includes 100 different electronic sounds
  • Emits natural bird calls (alarm and distress calls) and attack calls indigenous to the area
  • Compact system with no moving parts
  • Easy to program: the unit has two buttons and an electronic display
  • Operates on 12 VDC or 110/220 VAC
  • Adjustable volume for use near built-up areas
  • Unit can be switched on and off using a 24-hour timer or a light sensor

Airport Bird Wailer

The Airport Bird Wailer audio system consists of a Master Unit with 6 internal speakers - 2 high / 4 low frequency + 4 Remote Speakers, 5 Aluminum Stands, 4 x 500’ Shielded / Grounded Cables and Connectors. The protected cables prevent interference between the pilot and control tower.

One complete system will protect 2500' (linear) of runway + 500'-3,000' of contiguous field area. Vertical / Field speaker sound range projection is approximately 2,000' +/-

The Airport Wailer is not a ‘scare’ type system relying on loud noises but instead creates a ‘no fly’ zone using a sweeping / rotational surround sound effect to significantly reduce bird strikes.

The Airport Wailer is unlike any other audio system in that (geographic) species specific alarm / distress / predator /aggressive electronic / mechanical sounds move electronically from the Master Unit to the 4 Remote Speakers at irregular intervals and at variable lengths of time. This unique feature lessens habituation to the 'same sound, same speaker’ syndrome, and virtually eliminates the human labor factor, computer ‘interfacing’, vehicle mounted speakers, etc. The Wailer is a ‘plug and play’ system, arrives pre-programmed and ready for use.

Worldwide Installations:

Bird Zero

Phoenix Airport Wailer Mk IV
Installation at Halifax International Airport

Bird Zero

Phoenix Airport Wailer Mk IV
Installation at Changi Airport, Singapore


  • Hibernia Oil platform Helipad, Newfoundland - 1 system 2013
  • Grande Prairie Airport, Alberta - 3 systems 2011
  • Regina Airport, Saskatchewan - 5 systems 2007
  • Quebec City Airport, Quebec - 2 systems 2010
  • L'lsle-aux-Grues Airport, Quebec - 1 system 2012
  • Montmagny Airport, Quebec - 1 system 2012
  • CFB Valcartier, Quebec Helipad - 1 system 2013
  • Halifax Airport, Nova Scotia - 11 systems 1993-2012
  • St John's Airport, Newfoundland - 8 systems 1998-2012


  • San Francisco Airport - 5 systems 1996
  • Caribbean Barbados Airport, Barbados, Grand Cayman Airport, Grand Cayman
  • Greece Tanagra Military Airport - 1 system 2006
  • Bulgaria - Sofia Airport
  • India - Military Airports ( testing) - demo System - 2010
  • Indonesia - Bali International Airport - currently installing 8 systems
  • SINGAPORE - Changi Airport - 2 systems 2004
  • Brunei - Brunei Airport - 1 system 2006
  • HONG KONG - Hong Kong Airport - 3 systems 2010
  • A2ERBAIJAN - Baku Airport - 6 systems 2009, 8 systems, 2013
  • Kazakhstan - Astana Airport,
  • Sudan - U.N Mission, Juba Airport - 1 system 2010
  • SIERRA LEONE - UN Mission, Freetown, Sierra Leone, Helipad - 1 system 2011
USA, International list of natural bird deterrent sound options:

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