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ZON-MARK-4 Bird Zero

Standard Mechanical Model
#1000– ZON Mark IV $280.00

    • Detonation intervals adjustable from 40 seconds to 30 minutes
    • Low gas consumption – 20 lb. propane tank delivers approximately 17,000 explosions
    • Weighs only 8.4 kg (18.5 lbs.)
    • Operates in strong wind conditions
    • Stable frame design prevents movement when detonating
    • Brass seated electrode with fixed point setting delivers consistent spark
    • All components are machined to exacting tolerances

ZON-MARK-4 Bird Zero

ZON tripod
#1002 – ZON Mark IV – 4' Tripod $135.00
#1002A – 2' Extension Set Max. 2 sets per tripod $40.00

The ZON tripod raises and rotates cannons four to eight feet above the ground level. This elevated position is best for the projection of the gun blasts. The tripod legs are adjustable for placement on uneven and hilly ground. Each detonation pivots the exploder, allowing it to rotate 360 degrees, protecting a larger area than stationary units. With explosions coming from all directions, the illusion of human presence is created.

ZON Quartz Clock Timer Bird Zero

#1000A - ZON Quartz Clock Timer

For ZON Mark III Plus and ZON Mark IV Bird Scare Cannons) By controlling gas flow, cannon is activated and deactivated at desired time. Clock is powered by AA battery

ZON Electra Propane Cannon Bird Zero

#1003 – ZON Electra Multi-Shot w/Timer - $ 495.00
#1003A – ZON Electra Multi-Shot w/Timer & 12' Push Button Activator - $ 549.00
#1005 - Zon Electra Rotating 4' Tripod - $ 145.00

    • Built-in Timer
    • Multi-shot - 1, 2, 3, or 4 shot intervals
    • Automatic mode - 1-60 minutes; three random modes
    • On-demand pushbutton controller or hand-held radio transmitter/receivers

bird-guard-pro-1 Bird Zero

Bird Gard Pro 1 Electronic Repeller
$ 230.05

Bird Gard Pro 1 Electronic Repeller for pigeons, starlings, sparrows, sea gulls and woodpeckers Species specific repeller utilizing distress/predator sounds for SPOT dispersal at small areas.

goose-buster Bird Zero

GooseBuster -110V Four Speaker Audio System
$ 850.00
The GooseBuster Multi Speaker Audio System, using authentic goose alert and alarm calls, is a formidable deterrent to modify roosting behavior of migratory Geese. The GooseBuster must be played at repeated 2 - 3 minute intervals. Re-enforcement techniques using a combination of visual devices is necessary for any dispersal program.


CD's - $ 16 each
Cry of the Hawk, various predator cries
Woodpecker - alarm / distress /predator sounds
Crow, Starling / Grackle / Predator sounds

USA, International list of natural bird deterrent sound options:

Link to purchase or more information: www.birdbusters.com